Mr. Jump is a New Jumping Mobile iOS Game

Posted on March 23, 2015

Mr. Jump is a new mobile jumping game for the iPhone and iPad. The game was developed by 1Button, a studio that says they try to develop complex games using "the maximum simplicity."

The object in Mr. Jump is to avoid the traps and reach the end of each level. You tap on the screen to make Mr. Jump jump. You hold the touch to control how far Mr. Jump will go on his jump. There are a total of 12 different levels in the game which feature different environments, including plains, mountains, forest, Japan and more.

Mr. Jump is a speedy little man with a white block head. He wears a red shirt and black pants. He has little arms and legs.

The game itself is free. In-app purchases include a key for $0.99 and an optional $1.99 fee to remove ads. It is available only for the iOS and can be found here on iTunes. The game launched on March 19.

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