Microsoft's RoomAlive Transforms Rooms Into an Immersive Gaming Experience

Posted on October 6, 2014

Microsoft has introduced its new RoomAlive technology with a YouTube video. The technology can transform a room into an immersive gaming experience. Microsoft has 10 researchers working on the technology.

The prototype technology uses six Kinects to track a player's movement in the room. The technology builds on Microsoft's IllumiRoom project. RoomAlive uses projective mapping to animate your entire room and convert it into an interactive display that can be used for both display and input.

A system like this could be used for a wide variety of games and experiences. It transforms the idea of gaming, which currently involves focusing on a screen in front of you. Now the entire square footage of room and the walls become part of the game. Players can pursue object and virtual characters around the room. They can also dodge obstacles and missiles that came at them from the walls or floor. It is just a prototype so there are no plans yet for it to become a reality. However, it does give you idea of what games could be like in a few years. One of the games Microsoft researchers created has two gamers hunting a virtual mole. Take a look:

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