Life-Sized Pac-Man Game Featured in Bud Light Super Bowl Ad

Posted on January 26, 2015

Pac-Man is brought to life as a full-sized real world game in Bud Light's Super Bowl commercial. The 60-second ad is called "Coin." Budweiser is also bringing back its Budweiser Clydesdales in another Super Bowl ad.

A man, named Riley, experiences an unforgettable 80s night including a giant Pac-Man maze in the ad. Riley tells the bartender he is up for "whatever happens" and he is sent to a special night club that requires an enormous coin to enter. A giant Pac-Man maze is the central focal point of the club. Riley is told he is Pac-Man and he gets to run the oversized version of the iconic Pac-Man while avoiding the ghosts. It is an experience many would like to have.

Bud Light says in the comments of the video on YouTube that Riley's experience was not staged. Bud Light says, "Hey guys, it was not staged at all. Riley had no clue what was happening. There was a lot of planning, of course, but his reaction and surprise was genuine."

Take a look:

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