Internet Archive Adds Thousands of Free MS-DOS Games

Posted on January 8, 2015

The Internet Archive has added thousands of free MS-DOS games. The games can be played in your browser through the EM-DOSBOX in-browser emulator. The browser-based emulator is still in beta mode so you may experience some bugs.

You can find the collection of games available at The games available include many classics, such as The Oregon Trail by MECC and Wolfenstein 3D by id Software, Inc. Younger gamers may not be as impressed as the games don't compare to new systems like the PS4 and Xbox One but older gamers will no doubt enjoy the trip down memory lane.

Some of the many other titles available include Ms. Pac-Man, Leisure Suit Larry, Street Fighter, Qbert, SimLife, Prince of Persia, SimCity, Castle Wolfenstein and Centurion - Defender of Rome. We did find one bug in Qbert which is set on light speed. You will die very quickly.

The MS-DOS games are part of the larger software library provided by Internet Archive. calls the library the "ultimate software crate-digger's dream." It contains tens of thousands of software titles from dozens of different software platforms.

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