Game Developers Get Crabby

Posted on May 23, 2006

Mike K. Nowak, the blogger at, noticed that many of the new games being displayed at the E3 Expo displayed monstrous crabs of several varieties. Here is Nowak's caption for the crab villain displayed on the right.

Then came the Genji 2 demo, which made me laugh and laugh so much. The idiocy of it has already caused it to become a bit of an internet joke, and it can be seen in the Sony Press Conference in One Minute video that's making the rounds. Once the giant crab creature showed its face in this historic game with real battles from history, there was no saving Sony's showing.
This is just one of the many crabs Nowak noticed. He also found crabs in Resistance: The Fall of Man, Gears of War, Lost Planet, Chrome 2, Gothic 2 and several other games. It's quite a collection and proof that game developers' nightmares must be full of menacing giant crabs. Of all the crabs we like the giant crab-spider in Resistance: The Fall of Man the best. We hope game developers will continue their crab obsession.

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