Disruptor Beam Developing Game of Thrones Game for Facebook

Posted on May 24, 2012

Disruptor Beam is partnering with HBO to launch a Facebook game based on the Game of Thrones. The game is called Game of Thrones Ascent.

Players will lead the life of a noble during the time of upheaval as portrayed in the books. Players will have to claim their birthright by choosing which of the great houses they'll swear allegiance to.

Players also secure their holdings, developing their lands and personal reputation, and assign sworn swords to quests -- while forging alliances with new friends.

This sounds far more exciting than FarmVille. Plus, you can burn crops instead of having to plant them and watch them grow. The launch date for the game has not yet been announced.

There is also a Game of Thrones console and PC game in stores now. Here is a review of the game from IGN.

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