DDO: Dungeons and Dragons Online

Posted on November 21, 2005

D&D online by Turbine

Turbine Games is developing an online version of the popular Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) role-playing game. CNET reports Turbine is trying to stay true to the role-playing game and its complex rules. Players will be required to find others to join forces with and complete quests in the game.

CNET says the D&D role-playing dice game still has over 4 million players in the U.S. alone so the game has a huge crowd of potential online gamers. Established online games like World of Warcraft and EverQuest have already built up huge audiences of gamers that have developed their own social attachments to these worlds.

Will DDO be able to be a hit as well? It doesn't seem like it is too late or too crowded for another big MMORPG player but Turbine Games will have to stay flexible and allow for some user created content (UCC) like the CNET article discussed. There needs to a be a creative element attached to the dungeon master role and UCC would be one way to do this. For more information about the game visit the DDO website. DDO is expected be live early next year.

Image: Turbine Games