Darth Vader in a Bikini

Posted on October 13, 2006

Darth Vader in Bikini in Lego Star Wars

The force of LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy is difficult to resist. Not only can you have lightsaber battles with little digital LEGO Star Wars figures but you can also mix and match their body parts. In this particular screenshot a cross-dressing Darth Vader is wearing a bikini.

LucasArts says there are over 50 playable characters in the game and gamers can switch their body parts around. This explains the odd looking screenshot above.

Vader may be able to become a cross-dresser but family values remain in the game. The game is getting good reviews from critics.

A reviewer at The Rocky Mountain News says, "For me, the game's biggest draw is the bonding experience it delivers for me and my son. It's rare to find a game that inspires you to spend as much time laughing and talking with your child as you would trying to beat a level or create a confusing creature."

It sounds like they have greatly expanded on the original hit by adding improved game play, humor and the ability to change body parts.

Image: LucasArts

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