Beach Games Featured in Wii Sports Resort

Posted on August 5, 2008

Wii Sports Resort

It is no surprise that a sequel to Wii Sports is on the way. The first Wii Sports game became one of the main reasons the Wii was such a big seller. Reproducing that incredible impact will be impossible but the beach-focused package, called Wii Sports Resort, is sure to be a bestseller when it is released in Spring 2009. The game will ship with an updated controller called the Wii MotionPlus. Joystiq describes a few of the beach games in the package.

The theme here is beach games -- perfect for people like us who don't particularly enjoy going outside, let alone baring our flesh. On stage at Nintendo's E3 press conference, we were treated to demos of games such as Disc Dog (lobbing a frisbee for your dog), Jet Ski (self-explanatory), and a sword-jousting minigame in which players attempt to knock each other off of a platform.
Here's a review of Wii Sports Resort from IGN. They give it a 7.7.

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