Bands Write Songs for Fantastic Four Game

Posted on May 3, 2005

Four bands have written and recorded original tracks specifically for the lead characters in a video game. The songs will debut in four character-specific trailers that will be included as unlockable bonus content in Activision, Inc.'s upcoming Fantastic Four game, which is slated to ship this summer. The songs echo the personalities and special powers of each of the Fantastic Four Super Heroes. Modern rock band, Taking Back Sunday, lead the team with "Error Operator" for Mr. Fantastic; hip-hop veterans, Jurassic 5, rock out "Clobberin' Time" for The Thing; punk-rockers, The Explosion, offer up "I'm on Fire" for The Human Torch; and all-girl punkers, Go Betty Go, provide the cerebral tour de force "Everywhere" for The Invisible Woman. Authored by Zak Penn, who co-wrote the story for X2, the game follows the Fantastic Four film's storyline and expands the adventures by letting players stretch, control fire and use invisibility and force to defeat evil Super Villains, including Doctor Doom. IGN has more details about the video game and music crossover for Fantastic Four.
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