ARhrrrr: Augmented Reality Zombie Game

Posted on June 23, 2009

Augmented Reality Zombie Game

The Georgia Tech Augmented Environments Lab and the Savannah College of Art and Design have designed an interesting augmented reality game called "ARhrrrr." The game involves killing zombies but not the innocent people inside a zombie-stricken city.

The designers say, "The phone provides a window into a 3d town overrun with zombies. Point the camera at our special game map to mix virtual and real world content. Civilians are trapped in the town, and must escape before the zombies eat them! From your vantage point in a helicopter overhead, you must shoot the zombies to clear the path for the civilians to get out. "

One interesting feature of the game is that you can place actually skittles inside the game and they turn into bombs. Take a look: