Save the Animals in Zoo Vet

Posted on July 12, 2005

Zoo Vet is a game from Legacy Interactive that blends simulation with edutainment. In the game players become a zoo veterinarian at their own zoo and learn to take care of a wide variety of animals. The London Zoo recommends the game:

Caroline George of London Zoo says in a statement, "We are pleased to be associating with Mindscape with the Zoo Vet game. We feel it is original and informative and works in harmony with London Zoo and it's visitors. "Our team have worked through the game and feel it offers a comprehensive and educational way of teaching youngsters about animals."

The game is educational because players have to learn the answers to questions like why isn't the lion eating? What do you do with a newborn flamingo? What does the x-ray of the panda's belly show? Legacy says the scenarios in the game were created by real veterinary surgeons. Many kids dream of becoming vets, especially after a trip to the zoo, so this simulation may offer an opportunity for kids to experience the job of a zoo vets from the safety of their own home. Zoo Vet is available for the Mac and PC.

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