What's Up With E3?

Posted on September 5, 2006

E3 ExpoIt was recently announced by the ESA in a press release that they would be limiting the scope of the popular E3 conference. The E3 Expo was a popular event for bloggers this year and it is a shame that the ESA is changing the format and size of the show.

The Consumer Electronics Association, which runs CES, the hugely popular electronics event, is looking into the possibility of launch a gaming trade show to fill the gap created by E3.

Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of CEA, says in a statement, "Since ESA decided to eliminate the E3 event in its known format, we have been deluged with inquiries on whether we could fill the tradeshow needs of smaller video entertainment companies,. Our executive board met yesterday and unanimously asked staff to explore ways that we can help the gaming community."

CES was extremely popular with tech bloggers earlier this year. The CEA is certainly capable of putting a gaming trade show together. Even if the CEA doesn't take up the challenge some organization or company will probably attempt to launch a trade show to fill any void left by E3's shrinkage.

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