Topolon Wins Mobies Game of the Year

Posted on March 24, 2005

GameSpot recently announced the winners for The Second Annual Wireless Gaming Awards, also known as The Mobies, at the CTIA Wireless 2005 conference in New Orleans. Presented by GameSpot Mobile and Wireless Gaming Review, The Mobies are designed to showcase and reward the most innovative, well designed, and technically accomplished mobile games of 2004.

Awards were given in 10 mobile gaming categories, with the highest honor, the 2004 Mobile Game of the Year, awarded to G-Mode for its simple, but highly addictive puzzle game, Topolon.

About Topolon, the Mobies said:

Topolon, from Japanese publisher G-Mode, is one of the most addictive and intellectually involving puzzle games ever devised, for any platform. It's not a Tetris or Dr. Mario knockoff, like half of the genre's games seem to be, although it has that same type of spark; it's not based on any board game we've heard of; and it's not currently available outside of Japan, to the best of our knowledge. Strangely, this isn't because it's too technologically advanced for US or European handsets to handle, as is the case with many other Japanese mobile games--in fact, the game's presentation is about as complicated as your average stick figure or napkin diagram. This is simply a product of mathematical and spatial genius, turned from abstraction into reality. Topolon is at once the ultimate game for casual players and the perfect choice for those seeking to be driven insane by a video game.

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