Spielberg's Boom Blox Due in May

Posted on February 6, 2008

Boom Blox Grim ReaperBoom Blox is a new Wii game that will out this May. It is the first game from the Steven Spielberg and Electronic Arts partnership. They also released the graphic of the Jawa-like grim reaper figure on the right. A write-up on News.com says Boom Blox will have 300 levels and "thirty wacky characters."
It will have more than 300 levels, "a cast of over thirty wacky characters" and seems to be built around letting players take on "Blox-laying chickens or...baseball-throwing monkeys" or cartoonlike grim reapers in tiki, medieval, frontier, or haunted themed settings.

EA has never said a lot about the Spielberg partnership beyond the fact that the director would be spending occasional time at the company's Los Angeles studio. It's also never been entirely clear exactly how involved Spielberg has been in the creation of the games, or how much involvement he'll have going forward. EA has said there would be at least three games under the terms of a deal first made public in 2005.

Last summer, Newsweek published a story describing the game that is now known as Boom Blox as blending "the creativity of the building-blocks game 'Jenga' with the charm of a Saturday-morning cartoon."
With this description it sounds like they are targeting younger gamers. The News.com article also mentions the E.T. Atari game that was a total disaster. It will be hard for Boom Blox to be that bad - few games are.
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