Slowly Learning More About Quake 4

Posted on June 7, 2005

The Quake 4 trailers are now available. A recent feature on Gamespy nicely sums up what we know about the anxiously awaited Quake 4 to date:

After being announced nearly four years ago at QuakeCon 2001, how much do we really know about Quake 4? We know the single-player game will continue the story of the Strogg introduced in Quake 2; that it's being developed by Raven Software (creators of the Soldier of Fortune games as well as the latest Jedi Knight games) under the watchful eye of franchise creator id Software; and that it's using the same next-gen technology used to power 2004's DOOM 3.

The feature also included an interview with Raven Software project lead Eric Biessman, Raven art lead Kevin Long, and id Software designer Tim Willits. Quake 4 will be developed by Raven Software and id Software. Here is what Willits had to say about Quake 4:

Tim Willits: I believe that Quake 2 had the best single-player universe of the Quake series, and that's what we're returned to. And then Quake 3 had the best multiplayer feeling and experience of the Quake series. So with Quake 4, you have the best single-player environment to go off of, and then you have the best multiplayer environment to build off of. And honestly, I believe this will be our best Quake -- we've had 10 years to make this that game great. It's really building off the experience of the other Quake, the experience of id, the experience of the guys at Raven -- all the pieces have come together to create the perfect environment to make an awesome game.

With the Strogg storyline and Doom 3 engine what could go wrong? There are over 500 news articles in the Google News database for those in need of more Quake 4 information.

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