Second Life Terrorists and Bombings

Posted on March 12, 2007

Raw Story reports that a group called the Second Life Liberation Army (SLLA) have set off bombs inside the virtual world Second Life. They are described as computer-code versions of atomic bombs. They bombs were set off inside Second Life stores. They claim to be am "in-world military wing of a national liberation movement." The goal of SLLA is to replace Linden Labs (the creator of Second Life) with a democracy.

"As Linden Labs is functioning as an authoritarian government the only appropriate response is to fight," the SLLA said in a message on its website.

"When the SLLA succeeds in its aims it will disband and hand power back to the political wing of the movement."

Creative dissent is welcomed in Second Life as long as it doesn't interfere with the ability of other residents to enjoy the virtual world, according to San Francisco-based Linden.

Second Life said it stopped charging a tax on items created by residents after avatars fashioned in the images of American revolutionaries recreated the Boston Tea Party in the virtual world about three years ago.

The article also describes what the explosions look like.
The virtual bomb blasts in Second Life explode in hazy white balls, blotting out portions of a screen and battering nearby avatars, animated figures that are residents' proxies in the virtual world.

Linden Labs says they want to allow creative expression but they do penalize major disruptors with temporary banishment. They won't tolerate griefing. Blowing up stores in Second Life definitely qualifies as griefing. However, the SSLA does state that it "will not seek to harm the normal operation of the world."

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