Second Life Now Has 2 Million Registered Users

Posted on December 19, 2006

Second Life 2 Million UsersTwo million people have now registered for the virtual Second Life world. Second Life has acquired the last one million registered users in just two months. It was just two months ago that Second Life announced it had reached the 1 million mark. The buzz from that announcement clearly helped them rapidly nab another million users. The Next Net blogs that Second Life has a high churn rate despite the recent rapid growth.
Virtual world Second Life just surpassed two million registered users, exactly two months after it hit one million residents. Yes, the churn rate is high and only 829,537 have logged on in the last two months, but that is still phenomenal growth.

The question is, Can Second Life get enough people to come back a second time or more? If $850,000 is truly changing hands every 24 hours and that money can be taken out of Second Life, then I think the answer will be yes.

The Second Life blog has a post about hitting 2 million users here. The Next Net also has an interview with Linden Labs CEO Philip Rosedale here.

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