Save Boston From Mooninites Game

Posted on February 9, 2007

You've seen the Mooninites Scare Boston news headlines. You saw the breaking news videos. And you've probably seen the 1-31-07 Never Forget tributes. But did you know there is also a game about the Mooninite invasion of Boston? The game is called Save Boston. Boing Boing explains the game and compares it to Whack-a-mole:
This is like Whack-a-mole but you have to take out the suspicious Mooninite devices by clicking them with your mouse.

"More Than a Feeling" plays highspeed as the evil Mooninite signs yell, "Chowdah", "Tom Brady" "Fenway Pahk" "Wicked Pissa" etc. mocking all that Bostonians hold sacred.
Here is a description of the game:
Strange little aliens are threatening Boston! Oddly, they sound just like Bostonians yelling Chowda! Fenway Pahk! And Bucky Dent! To the soundtrack of... Boston, the band.
At the end of the game you get "rated by haircut." It isn't bad for a timekiller game but it is more amusing than playable.

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