Reuters Enters Second Life

Posted on November 7, 2006

Adam Reuters

The New York Times is reporting on Reuters entrance into the Second Life world. Reuters has set up a news center inside Second Life. The reporting is led by Adam Reuters, who is actually Reuters journalist Adam Pasick, a veteran tech and media reporter. The Times reports that Adam Reuters is no stranger to Second Life.

Reuters' chief executive Thomas H. Glocer told the Times, "I've been playing in Second Life since it was a relatively small community. This is a very serious, old brand that stands for things and has principles, but that doesn't take itself so seriously that it wouldn't play in a gaming space. This appeals to a younger demographic. Even for people who don't go in and play in Second Life, it shows Reuters has a certain with-it-ness."

The Reuters Second Life site also provides currency charts showing the Linden Dollar vs US Dollar and the number of US Dollars spent in Second Life over last 24 hours. Reuters is certainly not the first dedicated reporting about Second Life -- there are blogs that offer indepth reporting from Second Life -- but it is the first mainstream media company to provide coverage focused solely on the virtual world.

Photo: Reuters

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