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The PlayStation 4 from Sony is one of the world's most popular gaming consoles. Most of the most popular video games are available for the PS4. Here are some PlayStation resources. PS4's PS4 section with cheats, news, features, releases, reviews and game videos.

IGN offers news, previews, reviews and features for PS4 gamers.

List of PlayStation 4 Games
A big list of video games for the PS4 from Wikipedia. Over 1800 games listed.

PlayStation Blog
The official PlayStation Blog from Sony.

PlayStation Lifestyle
Provides news and information about games for PS4 and other PlayStation consoles.

PlayStation Magazine
PlayStation magazine updates from GamesRadar.

PlayStation Twitter
The official PlayStation Twitter account from Sony.

PlayStation Wiki
A Wiki for PlayStation gamers, and for all things PlayStation.
The official PlayStation site from Sony.

PS Nation
PS Nation provides podcasts, news, reviews, forums and more.

PS4 Home
This site provides PS4 news, reviews, game guides and more.

The latest news, features, guides, games, themes and more for PlayStation fans.

Push Square
Push Square provides the latest PlayStation news, reviews, videos and more. They also have online forums.

A subreddit dedicated to discussing PS4 games.

Twitter PS4 News Results
The latest PS4 news and information being shared on the Twitter social network.