Project Natal: Microsoft's Powerful Controller Free Game Console

Posted on June 2, 2009

Microsoft has introduced its new controller free vide game console at E3 on Monday called Project Natal. The game console can not only sense what players are doing to make a tennis racket swing in a game or move a virtual skateboard but it also contains facial recognition and voice recognition software. Steve Spielberg is excited about the promise of Project Natal. Spielberg says, "This is a pivotal moment that will carry with it a wave of change, the ripples of which will reach far beyond video games."

The Telegraph says the powerful system has the potential to be a game changer in the gaming world.

During the keynote presentation yesterday, the audience was left open-mouthed by some of Natal's capabilities. It's ability to capture and track movement appeared effortless. In one demonstration, a drawing was "passed" through the television screen in to the game itself, and replicated precisely.

Far and away one of the most impressive - and curiously unsettling -demonstrations came from British games maker Peter Molyneux, who showed off Milo, a sort of 21st century Pinocchio, Milo, you see, is a little boy who, to all intents and purposes, lives inside your computer. You talk to him as you would a normal person, and he interacts with you in return, picking up everything from your movement to the emotion in your tone of voice. He will remember your face and greet you by name as you walk in to the room.

No launch date has been set yet for Natal. The full body motion sensing Natal video games could include action games, fitness games, racing games, communication tools and much more as you can see in the video demonstations below. As Microsoft says, "You are the controller." Take a look:

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