New Tomb Raider Site Coming Soon

Posted on March 28, 2005

Eidos is in the process of launching a new Tomb Raider website. Currently the website just has a "Coming Soon" message. However, IGN reports that there is more there: "By looking into the information for the site the title for it is Tomb Raider Legend, quite possibly the new name for Lara's next adventure that is being developed by Crystal Dynamics. As of yet there are no other details other than the vague promise that more is 'coming soon.'"

Meanwhile, there is still a war going on over who will ultimately acquire game developer Eidos. The Telegraph writes, "SCi Entertainment, the computer games publisher, has become increasingly confident that it can break up the agreed £71m all-cash takeover of Eidos by Elevation Partners, the US venture capital firm."

If you still require more information about the upcoming Tomb Raider game you should find plenty at

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