New Games Attack Major Brands

Posted on February 13, 2006

McDonald's Video Game by Molleindustria

These is a new wave of online games that are labeled as anti-advergames. They are created to expose fallacies or wrong-doings of a corporation. Or, they are simply created by game developers to poke fun at a giant brand.

CNET discusses two of these games in an article called, "Games that stick it to 'The Man'." The games are Disaffected!, an anti-advergame targeting a FedEx Kinko's, and McDonald's Videogame by Molleindustria, an anti-advergame targeting McDonald's.

We haven't played Dissafected! but the McDonald's game is pretty good for a free online game. However, one downside is that the difficulty may be set too high. Even if you get crops and cows going, start an ad campaign, hire grillers and checkout clerks it still doesn't take very long before Ronald McDonald and the Board of Directors are angry at you for ruining their business.

Photo: Molleindustria

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