NetDevil Signs On to Build Lego MMOG

Posted on March 5, 2007

Lego MMOGLego has chosen NetDevil to help build a virtual Lego game universe. You can read the official press release here. Kotaku also offers the following scoop about the Lego massively multi-player online Lego game.
What I've heard is that the game could be sort of like Second Life but, you know, a game. The idea, I believe, is that you will be able to construct your own in-game content using the fun and familiar mechanic of building with real world Legos.

I suspect part of the reason NetDevil was selected is because of their amazing work with destructible environments, though I'm sure their enthusiasm for game development also played a large role in the decision.

We'll be meeting with the NetDevil guys, fellow Coloradoans, later this week and I'll make sure to ask all of the right questions. Like, does Lego have the go ahead to build Star Wars, Batman or their other IP into this game? SO HOT!

The Lego Star Wars games have been very popular so a Lego MMOG would probably be popular as well. If they can get the rights to use superhero and movie characters then the odds that the Lego MMOG will be popular greatly increase. A teaser page for the Lego MMOG shows Lego construction men building the online virtual world. The teaser page says the MMOG is coming out in 2008.

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