Make Sushi With Nintendo DS

Posted on July 31, 2006

Nintendo Sushi

New Launches reports that the Nintendo DS has other uses besides gaming. Apparently, there is sfotware in Japan that can turn the Nintendo DS into a cooking tutorial. The software, called the Nintendo DS Cooking Navigator, comes with over 200 Japanese recipes, including sushi recipes.

It is voice activated so once you select a receipe for every step there will be a voice prompt along with pictures. For eg - The DS will tell you "add oil to the pan" and once you say "ok" it will move to the next step, of course right now it supports Japanese only. But would you use your precious DS Lite in the kitchen and put it in harms way. To the rescue is Play Stand made by Hori corp Japan which will hold your DS firmly. You can also adjust the height and tilt it according to your convinience.
There is also a sweet and sour pork recipe available on the Nintendo DS tutorial. There doesn't seem to be information on when the Cooking Navigator will be released internationally.

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