Madden NFL 15 Simulation Predicted Exact Super Bowl Score

Posted on February 6, 2015

EA's Madden NFL 15 simulation predicted the exact score of the Super Bowl. The simulator predicted the Patriot would defeat the Seahawks 28-14. This was the exact outcome of Super Bowl XLIX.

The simulator had a different score at halftime with the Seahawks ahead 17-14, however it did have them correctly up 24-14 before the Patriots mounted their comeback. The simulator correctly had Julian Edelman catching the pass that put the Patriots ahead. The Madden simulator also correctly predicted that Tom Brady would be the MVP and nearly pegged his total yardage. Madden NFL 15 had Brady throwing 4 touchdowns for 334 yards. In the Super Bowl Brady threw for four touchdowns and 328 yards.

Madden NFL is now 9-3 in predicting the winner of the Super Bowl which is very impressive. Here is a video of the prediction from the simulator:

Image: EA Sports

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