Madden Challenge Offers $50,000 Prize

Posted on November 30, 2004

Regional tournaments are continuing for the Madden Challenge 2004, a tournament started by interactive sports game publisher Electronic Arts in 2002 for its bestselling Madden NFL series of sports games. The tournament allows players to enter for $10 and compete at a regional level.

Winners from 32 different regions then go onto the finals, which will be held in Los Vegas on December 10-12. The prize includes $50,000 and the bragging rights that go with being the top Madden NFL player.

David Stepney, the 21 year-old winner from San Diego, offered Madden players the following tip, "Never pass up on free points. If you can take three, then take it, because this year's defense is so tough, you really can win 3-0."

We like the idea of these tournaments for gamers where the very best players can meet and determine who is the very best. However, some of today's games are very more complex than games like Centipede and Space Invaders. You are going to get different top players each time you run a tournament.

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