Leaping Rudolph Advergame

Posted on December 22, 2006

Leaping RudolphAn advertising agency called Deft Creative has a holiday advergame called Leaping Rudolph that allows you to control a big ski jump for a ski wearing red-nosed reindeer. Adrants is pretty critical of the game.
Deft Creative Ltd.'s, awkwardly sloganed "Dexterous of hand and inventive of mind," demonstrates neither dexterity (though they try) nor inventiveness (no effort here) with this dull leaping-Rudolph ski game. The object is to beat the furthest leap and we're ensured by the agency guy that "All scores on the score board ARE beatable." Glad he made the effort to bang that in because otherwise we were going to lose sleep over it.
The scores don't actually seem beatable but you can get pretty close after a few jumps. It will kill a few minutes which is what a time killer is supposed to do. The real advergame this winner has to go to Elf Yourself -- which isn't really a game but it is pretty amusing.

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