Lara Croft Gets a Makeover

Posted on May 25, 2005

Eidos is giving Lara Croft a makeover in order to make the next game in the Tomb Raider series more appealing to women. The tomb explorer will wear less-revealing outfits and her bust will be downsized. The scenario of the Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend will remain unchanged with the familiar tombs, jungles, snowy mountains and other exotic locations. Legend will be released in Fall, 2005. The BBC reported on Lara's new look:
The look of Lara Croft has also changed. She looks far more like her original incarnation, rather than the busty heroine she morphed into for some of the later games.

This is due to the involvement of Lara's original creator, Toby Gard, in the game.

"Toby had an original vision for Lara," said Mr Gorman. "He has been able to put his vision into the game."

The level shown at E3 showed a more lifelike Lara exploring ruins and tombs, with the mix of fighting, leaping and puzzle-solving that has come to characterise Tomb Raider games.

Citing the Times had a similar report:
But, according to today's edition of The Times newspaper, British computer game firm Eidos, which created Croft, has changed her physique to one less likely to put off female players.

In the soon-to-be-released Tomb Raider: Legend, the eighth title to feature Croft, her DD-size bust has reportedly been reduced to a more modest C-cup and some of her more revealing outfits have been ditched.

The adventurer even sports a modest round-neck sweater with full arms for part of the game, the paper said.

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