Inside the E3 Expo

Posted on May 20, 2005

The E3Expo has provided material for thousands of articles and hundreds of thousands of blog entries. A BBC article offers this interesting description of the massive trade show: "It is as if you have stumbled into a pagan ceremony, where the devotees are paying homage to the gods of video games."

The BBC also said there were 60,000 visitors occupying the shows 540,000 sq ft floor space. NBC News also had a good write-up about the show which contains information about Spore, Nintendogs, The Godfather, EyeToy Kinetic and We Love Katamari. Some people are only interested in pictures of the E3 girls and their character costumes and there are plenty of sites offering collections of photographs. One of them, called e3girls, covers every e3 show.

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