Impressive Second Life Stats and Tringo

Posted on March 8, 2006

TringoThe B2Day blog has posted stats for the last 30 days for the virtual game Second Life. The numbers are very impressive. That's one active community. B2Day says if Second Life had to pay programmers to duplicate all of the content and virtual objects created by Second Lifers it would "cost $400 million a year." B2Day also says that a popular Bingo-like game inside the Second Life game called Tringo is going to become a real Game Boy game. The Second Life newsletter also has an article about Tringo and Donnorwood Media's purchase of the rights to the game, which was created for Second Life by Kermitt Quirk.
One Resident took particular interest in Tringo, but he wasn't just a fan. He also happened to be Sean Ryan, former CEO of Real Networks, now founder of Donnorwood Media. After some heavy in-world negotiations, Kermitt sold the worldwide licensing rights for Tringo to Donnorwood, and in the process, business history was made: a game originally created in an online world had been sold by its designer for commercial distribution outside it.
Update: You can play a version of Tringo here on Kongregrate.
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