Here Come the Christian Games

Posted on May 26, 2005

Christian game developers say they want to develop games that deliver a wholesome Christian message without the blood and gore. The Christian Game Developers Foundation (CGDF) provides warnings about games with "graphic violence, sexually explicit and degrading imagery and demonic themes." The CGDF also uses charitable donations to provide seed capital to Christian game development companies who are members of the Christian Game Developers Conference (CGDC).

A BBC article reports on Christian game developers' plans to create a growing market for these kinds of games:

Earlier this year, the father of two founded the Christian Game Developers Foundation, aiming to drag Christian games from obscurity to the mainstream.

"Simply forbidding our children from playing video games is not the answer," says Rev Bagley.

"We have to give them quality alternatives that match the excitement of secular games while promoting Christian values -- without the violent or sexually explicit content."

The BBC says that a game called The Bible Game from Crave Games was announced at E3. In the game people participate in a game show where they answer Bible related trivia. Another Christian game called Catechumen is a Doom like game without the gore. Other Christian game developers include Brethen Entertainment and N'Lightning Software. Christian game developers are probably hoping the games will be as popular as Christian music which sold 43 million albums in the United States last year.

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