Educational Games

NASA Wants a Virtual World (February 1, 2008): The BBC reports that NASA is exploring the idea of developing a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game or a virtual online world.

Flakeshake: Help the Little Polar Bear (September 21, 2007): Flakeshake is a web game created by Stefan Lewandowski.

Statetris: Tetris With States as Blocks (September 13, 2007): Statetris is an online game that mixes aspects of the popular game Tetris with local U.

Study: Games Reduce Homework Time (July 5, 2007): Reuters reports that a new study has found that playing video games reduces homework time by as much as 30% for boys and girls.

Make Sushi With Nintendo DS (July 31, 2006): New Launches reports that the Nintendo DS has other uses besides gaming.

Tactical Iraqi Teaches Troops Iraqi Gestures (February 21, 2006): U.

Dance Dance Revolution Games Placed in West Virginia Schools (January 26, 2006): West Virginia will be adding Dance Dance Revolution games to public schools in an effort to fight obesity and diabetes.

Gamers Can Play Lawyer or Surgeon on Nintendo DS (October 17, 2005): A Wired article discusses a couple Nintendo DS games that offer gamers the opportunity to experience different professions.

Michigan State Offers Minor in Game Specialization (August 7, 2005): Want to minor in gaming? We know the answer from many young gamers to that question is yes.

Save the Animals in Zoo Vet (July 12, 2005): Zoo Vet is a game from Legacy Interactive that blends simulation with edutainment.

25 to Life or Wild Earth? (June 28, 2005): 25 to Life or Wild Earth? There is a great difference in these two games.

UN Launches Food Force Computer Game (April 15, 2005): Food Force is a humanitarian video game about global hunger from the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).

Learning With The Sims (January 19, 2005): Could The Sims be used as an educational tool? The BBC reports that U.