Controversy Over Nudity in God of War

Posted on May 31, 2005

God of War Cover While some people complain about the nudity in the God of War game, others are actively searching for it. The God of War game does carry the M for Mature rating and discloses the sins of the game in this description: "Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Nudity, Sexual Themes, Strong Language."

God of War seems to be more discussed than most games with violence and nudity. The IGN boards have been discussing the level of nudity in God of War. Most players seem to be indifferent about it and are more concerned about the game's playability. Other gamers think the violence in God of War is over the top and that the game seems to derive satisfaction from being particularly violent. The Al Menconi Ministries liked the playability of the game but gave it an F because of the violence and mythological references.

This excerpt from a Game Over Online Magazine review describes some of the nudity in God of War:
Just to warn any parent out there: this is an extremely mature title, with plenty of characters getting ripped in half, impaled or beheaded (this is only some of the gory ways that people can die in this game, and it's not even Kratos' doing). Aside from that, there's also some nudity scattered throughout the game and mild sexual situations, such as Kratos leaving a bed with two topless women in it or the Athenian Oracle who wears a see through blouse.
In God of War players embark on a quest as Kratos, an ex-Spartan soldier possessed by Ares. Kratos becomes the most vicious warrior in Ancient Greece to a point where he can't bare it anymore and sets out on a journey to kill Ares. Kratos does wield a pretty nasty looking weapon. Kratos' main weapons are two blades -- one attached to each arm by a long chain that wraps around his arm. He fights some mythological beasts like Medusa, Cyclops, Minotaur and Harpies.