Avnet Recreates Technology Museum In Second Life

Posted on March 21, 2008

Avnet Tech Museum in Second Life

Avnet has recreated its technology museum inside Second Life. The virtual museum allows people to closely examine items down the minutest detail. The idea originated with the museum's curator according to a press release from Avnet.

Jan Jurcy, Avnet's vice president of digital communications, says in a statement, "We look at this as another piece of the social media revolution. In fact, all of the buzz we've created so far with Avnet's presence on Second Life has come from word of mouth among visitors. Wow. We've come full circle in the communications arena - all the way back to people simply telling other people. Well, ok, they're probably telling each other via their BlackBerrys."

It would be wonderful if more museums would do this. There are a few other museums with Second Life exhibits including International Spaceflight Museum, Open Art Museum and the Holocaust Museum.

To visit Avnet on Second Life, search for "Avnet" on the map found within the Second Life application, or access by direct link, which will launch the Second Life client if users already have it installed.

Image: Avnet

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