Alienware Launches New Area-51 Desktop

Posted on October 28, 2014

Alienware has launched a new type of gaming PC called the Area-51 gaming desktop. It has a triangular shaped chassis instead of the traditional rectangular one. Alienware calls it a Triad.

The Triad can be opened through its front I/O panel. Alienware says it has "hassle-free grips" so you can get to rear ports. Ray Watkins, the configuration manager senior analyst at Alienware, told GamesBeat that the design is a "semi-triangle design, or like a triangle that's been dropped on all its edges."

The triangular shaped design allows the fans to blow air directly onto your graphics cards. It also enables hot air to escape efficiently. Alienware says the internal fans are also quite.

Prices for the new desktop start at $1,699 and go to $4,549 for the most powerful machine. It comes in 6-core and 8-core Intel Core i7 processor options. You can find more about the Area-51 desktop here.

Here is the introduction to the computer by Eddy Goyanes from Alienware's Marketing team. He shows how the chassis can be opened with just two fingers. Take a look:

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