25 to Life or Wild Earth?

Posted on June 28, 2005

Wild Earth game

A game called Wild Earth appears to be as tranquil as 25 to Life is violent. 25 to Life is online game debuting in October that allows players to become a gangster or a law officer in a violent online version of cops and robbers. Wild Earth, on the other hand, allows gamers to become a photographer that takes photographs of wild animals in the African Serengeti National Park.

The Wild Earth game was developed by Super X Studios in Seattle. Keith Stuart at Gamesblog says, "Here players must wander the African Serengeti National Park taking photographs of wild animals while exploring the lusciously detailed environments."

He also says the game features "accurate and beautifully recreated wildlife" and "simulated weather conditions, as well as specific assignments like night-time wildlife tracking."

He notes that there is no hunting of the beautiful animals in this game. Wild Earth is a peaceful game and conscientious of wildlife and nature. More information about the Wild Earth game can be found here. And information about the controversy surrounding 25 to Life can be found here in an earlier blog entry.

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