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Wii Fit Will Be Released May 19th (March 10, 2008): Unfit Wii players don't have to wait too much longer to get "fit" or at least to achieve Wii balance.

Spielberg's Boom Blox Due in May (February 6, 2008): Boom Blox is a new Wii game that will out this May.

Wii Outsells Xbox 360 and PS3 (January 28, 2008): The NPD research group reports that the Nintendo Wii outsold its game console rivals easily in 2007.

Study Finds Wii Burns More Calories Than Other Consoles (January 11, 2008): PC World reports that the Wii burns more calories than other consoles like the Xbox.

Video of Senior Wii Bowling Tournament (December 5, 2007): It's the Erickson Sports' first Wii Bowling Tournament Championship.

Wii Close to Xbox 360 in Console Marketshare (November 24, 2007): The Wii has truly been an amazing success story for Nintendo.

Nintendo to Boost Wii Production (May 4, 2007): Good news for those who want a Wii.

Wii on Norwegian Cruise Line (April 22, 2007): Wii game systems are now part of Norwegian Cruise Line according to a press release from cruise provider.

Mario and Sonic Compete at the Olympics (April 3, 2007): Sega and Nintendo have announced that two big video game characters Mario and Sonic are teaming up for a game called Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games.

MySims: Sims for the Wii (March 25, 2007): There is some buzz about MySims, the upcoming version of the Sims series for the Wii.

Tara Reid Checks Out the Wii (February 10, 2007): Tara Reid visits the Motorola Late Night Lounge at the Sundance Film Festival.

Online Wii Games Coming In 2nd Quarter 2007 (December 4, 2006): Engadget has talked with Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime and found out that online Wii gaming will debut around March or April of 2007.

Some People Sore From Wii Controller (November 27, 2006): The Wall Street Journal reports that that people are getting sore from energetic use of the exciting new Wii controller.

Wiimote May Control Nintendo's Future (November 3, 2006): The New York Times has an interesting piece about the future of Nintento and how Nintendo has focused on its unique controller, called the Wii remote or Wiimote, that lets the player swing the controller like a sword in an adventure game or a racket in a sports game.

November 19th Launch Date for Wii (September 29, 2006): MSNBC.

A Wii Bit Early? (July 11, 2006): There are rumors that Wii, Nintendo's new game system, could be released earlier than expected.

Some Gamers Don't Like Wii (May 3, 2006): There are some gamers who strongly dislike Nintendo's recent decision to call the next version of Nintendo, the Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo Revolution Becomes Wii (May 2, 2006): Nintendo Revolution has announced that the name of the next generation will by Wii and not Nintendo Revolution.

Nintendo Vows to Keep Revolution Game Prices Low (April 3, 2006): CNN reports that Nintendo has vowed to keep prices low on the next generation of their gaming system, Nintendo Revolution.

Revolution and PS3 This Year? (January 19, 2006): A Gamespot.

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