Video: Google Launches Wimbledon Tennis Game

Posted on July 11, 2019

Google has launched an online tennis game to coincide with the Wimbledon tournament in London. The game is available by searching "Wimbledon" on the Google search engine. The game appears when you click the little ball icon on the right side of the layout showing the latest Wimbledon scores. It is located to the right of the "mixed doubles" tab.

In this fun little tennis game you play against a computer opponent. In the game we played the computer was wearing a red outfit and holding a tennis racket with a red border. Our character was green and resembles the Gogole Android robot character. You might get different characters by reloading the page. We have seen owl, rabbit and dog characters.

To play you use the arrow keys to move right or left. You gain a point for each volley you survive. The longer you last the faster the ball gets. The game ends when you miss hitting the ball.

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