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Store Offers Sony PlayStation 3 Pre-Orders (June 21, 2006): The BBC reports that a European retailer named Play.

Will Gamers Balk at PlayStation 3's High Prices? (May 12, 2006): Are the new PlayStation 3 (PS3) prices of $499 and $599 too high? Some gamers think so but Sony's Kaz Hirai defends the prices in this CNN/Money article.

Bodypad Fighting Simulator (May 1, 2006): Bodypad is a specialty fighting simulator.

Ballmer Says Microsoft Ready to Profit From PlayStation Delay (March 20, 2006): CNN reports that Microsoft's Steve Ballmer says Microsoft is ready to capitalize on the recent delay announced by Sony.

Sony PlayStation 3 Delayed Until November (March 16, 2006): The BBC reports that Sony is delaying the launch of the PlayStation 3 (PS3) until November.

Vin Diesel to Star in Wheelman Film and Game (March 14, 2006): Variety reports that a deal has been cut that will bring Vin Diesel to both game systems and the big screen in a role as an expert driver in the Wheelman Variety says the game and film will be released simultaneously sometime in late 2007.

Blow Things Up in Black (March 6, 2006): A BBC article describes Black from Electronic Arts as "big, dumb and full of guns.

Top Ten Bestselling Games of 2005 (February 3, 2006): The NPD Group has reported the bestselling titles of 2005.

Super Monkey Ball Mini Game (January 24, 2006): Sega has an online mini version of Super Monkey Ball.

Revolution and PS3 This Year? (January 19, 2006): A Gamespot.

Sega Offers Online Mini Game for Latest Hedgehog Adventure (November 28, 2005): There is a cool online mini game available for the new Shadow the Hedgehog game from Sega which features a tough, gun-toting hedgehog.

50 Cent Game Packed With 50 Cent Songs (November 3, 2005): Rapper 50 Cent has loaded his upcoming video game called 50 Cent Bulletproof with 50 Cent music including some new songs.

Sony Finds Antonia Bayle (August 20, 2005): Sony has found its Antonia Bayle after a modeling search called the Quest for Antonia. She is Anna Wainscoat.

House Seeks Federal Investigation of Rockstar (July 26, 2005): Rockstar's problems from the explicit sex acts that were hidding inside Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas seem to be increasing each day.

Rockstar Admits Sex Scenes Were Built Into Game (July 20, 2005): Rockstar's parent company, New York-based Take Two Interactive Software Inc.

Girl Researches Playstation Thumb (June 23, 2005): A 13-year-old girl in South Africa has done a research project on "Playstation Thumb" that has been picked up by the BBC.

PlayStation 5: As Powerful as the Human Brain? (May 24, 2005): It sounds like an absurd question -- will a future gaming system run on a computer as powerful as the human brain? However, Ian Pearson, head of the futurology unit at BT Labs in England, recently told The Observer that it might be possible.

Playstation and Nintendo Join Consule War (May 18, 2005): The Xbox 360 display on MTV may have kicked off the consule war but PlayStation and Nintendo intend on joining the battle.

Majesco Offering Aeon Flux and More BloodRayne (April 7, 2005): Majesco has announced a deal to publish an Aeon Flux video game for the Xbox and Playstation2.

Game System Rumors Spread (February 21, 2005): Gamers and bloggers are speculating and gossiping (sometimes with legitimate scoop) about what the next versions of game systems, like the Xbox2 and Playstation 3, will be like.
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