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Disney's Swampy Where's My Water App Now Available for Android (December 6, 2011): Disney's Swampy is always searching for water.

Angry Birds Plans 2012 IPO, CEO Says Company Worth Over $1 Billion (October 13, 2011): Rovio, the Finnish company behind the incredibly popular Angry Birds mobile game, is planning to launch an IPO in 2012.

EA Mobile's Spy Mouse is a Top Paid App on iTunes (September 22, 2011): EA Mobile's recently launched Spy Mouse game has become one of the bestselling paid apps on iTunes.

EA Mobile Launches Free Tetris Game for Android (September 4, 2011): EA Mobile and Blue Planet Software, the company that manages the licensing rights to Tetris, announced the publication of a free version of the Tetris game for Android smartphones.

Obama Fights Boehner on FaceFighter Ultimate for the iPhone/iPad (August 14, 2011): FaceFighter Ultimate is a free fighting game for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad from Appy Entertainment.

Glu Mobile Launches Star Blitz for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch (May 27, 2011): Glu Mobile Inc.

Rovio Building Angry Birds Into an Empire (April 5, 2011): Rovio's Angry Birds is a huge hit with over 100 million downloads.

Glu Mobile Launches Alley Gator for iPhone (February 18, 2010): Glu Mobile has launched Alley Gator at the App Store.

Namco Brings Wolfman to Mobile Games (January 23, 2010): Namco Networks obtained a license from Universal to create The Wolfman Mobile Game.

Dragon's Lair Comes to iPhone (December 19, 2009): Space Ace and Dragon's Lair are now both available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

EA Has NFL Rivals in Mobile Gaming World (August 17, 2009): CNET has a review here of a new football game for the iPhone from Gameloft called NFL 2010.

Apple Pulled Tris and Murderdrome iPhone Apps (September 6, 2008): Apple has pulled a Tetris clone called Tris and a Murderdrome app from the iTunes App store.

Habbo Hotel to Offer Mobile Version (August 14, 2006): Habbo Hotel is a persistent online hotel world that lets people create a room in the hotel, decorate the room with Habbo furniture, adopt pets and hang out with other Habbos.

Gamers Hope For Xbox Portables (August 9, 2006): Will Microsoft ever bite the bullet and develop and release an Xbox Portable device? Team Xbox has created a mock-up for an Xbox Portable.

Paris Hilton's Name Quest (May 16, 2006): Early reports indicated that Paris Hilton announced her new game at the E3 Expo by the wrong name.

Mario and Ronald McDonald Kick Off Nintendo Wi-Fi Service (November 14, 2005): Mario and Ronald McDonald in a McDonald's restaurant in Chicago kicked off the debut of the Nintendo Wi-Fi service that will be available in McDonald's restaurants.

The Da Vinci Code: The Mobile Game (October 18, 2005): Joystiq points us to a press release about a deal between Sony Pictures Digital and Kayak Interactive to create a two mobile games based on the upcoming The Da Vinci Code film starring Tom Hanks, which is based on the novel by Dan Brown.

Even Skipping Rocks is a Video Game (April 5, 2005): These days nearly every activity and every sport you can think of is been made into a video games -- even skipping rocks across a lake.

Topolon Wins Mobies Game of the Year (March 24, 2005): GameSpot recently announced the winners for The Second Annual Wireless Gaming Awards, also known as The Mobies, at the CTIA Wireless 2005 conference in New Orleans.
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