UN Launches Food Force Computer Game

Posted on April 15, 2005

Food Force is a humanitarian video game about global hunger from the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). The Food Force game opens with a full-screen video sequence where the player is briefed on a hunger crisis on the fictitious island country of 'Sheylan'. The WFP Food Force team appear as a set of animated characters that help guide the player through the game. The game is designed for children aged 8 to 13 and provides six different missions. The missions contain realistic challenges to quickly feed thousands of people in the fictitious island of Sheylan - piloting helicopters on reconnaissance missions, negotiating with armed rebels on a convoy run, and using food to help rebuild villages.

The 6 missions are:
  • Air Surveillance: A classic 'find-em' game -- involves piloting a helicopter to count hungry people against the clock.
  • Energy Pacs: A combination guessing game to create a balanced diet with limited funds.
  • Air drop: Dropping food from a cargo plane into the crisis zone -- with the playability of a classic golf game.
  • Locate and Dispatch: Solving the jigsaw puzzle of food logistics, against the clock
  • The Food Run: A series of mini challenges along the convoy-style drive to the feeding camp.
  • Future Farming: 'Sim City' in Sheylan -- using food aid to help the island get back on its feet.

    The PC based video game is available as a free download from food-force.com (link no longer available). It is currently available in English, with translation into other languages planned. The website also offers information and lesson plans for teachers.

    Image: United Nations World Food Programme