Stop the Bugs in Starship Troopers Game

Posted on October 28, 2005

A Starship Troopers game developed by Empire Interactive and Strangelite Studios is coming out this November for the PC. According to the game's faq the game is set in the universe seen in the films and take place several years after the events in the second film. The films were based on the book by Robert Heinlein.
At the start of the game, the war against the Bugs is not going well the bugs are rampaging across Hesperus - a planet perilously close to Earth. Colonised by man, Hesperus was once a haven of earthly tranquillity. Now, it is a terrifying battleground where the weaknesses of an implacable foe must be discovered and exploited. In a mix of 'mass action' and 'infiltration' levels it will be up to the player to make a difference in this titanic struggle and drive the arachnid invaders back into the depths of space.

The player is a member of the elite 'Marauder Unit' - the 'Delta Force' or 'SAS' of the future. As such, they are supplied with upgraded weapons and equipment, enabling them to participate in commando-style raids and stealth missions as well as 'toe-to-toe' mass battles. This allows us to challenge the player with a wide variety of different game play situations and gives them the opportunity to unleash an extensive range of weapons with enormous destructive power.
Some reviews can be found here and here. In another review gives the new Starship Troopers first-person shooter game a good review.
The AI, for the most part, seems very well done and the dynamic lighting effects work particularly well in adding mood to this desperate battle.

Starship Troopers does not look like it will be the type of shooter that will appeal to everyone. Even at the easy settings, the game spares no bugs for assaults at the higher difficulty levels. Battles can go on and on and just when you think it won’t ever end, they seem to subside.

But for those who are looking for intense combat situations, seemingly non-stop action, that is graphically pleasing, Starship Troopers may be just the title you are looking for.

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