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There are a growing number of multiplayer online games available. Gamers spend many hours each week playing their online games. Here is a collection of related resources.

The big MMORPG List is a MMORPG Directory.

A gaming convention run by Blizzard Entertainment.

Massively Overpowered
Massively Overpowered provides online gaming news, reviews and resources.

Minecraft Forum
A forum dedicated to the discussion of Minecraft.

MMO Bomb
MMO Bomb offers coverage of MMO Games with news, features, a forum and more.

MMO Champion
MMO Champion provides World of Warcraft news and raiding strategies.

MMOByte provides MMO news, gameplay and reviews.

MMOPulse provides news, reviews, MMO lists and more.

MMORPG Games List
A big list of MMORPGs from

A provider of the latest MMORPG news. offers news, discussion, chat, comics and a games list for multi-player online role-playing gamers

MMOs and MMORPGs List
A big list of MMOs from

MMOSite is an MMORPG portal with news, forums, reviews and more.

Wikipedia: List of MMORPGs
Wikipedia's list of MMORPGs.

Wikipedia: MMORPG
Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia, offers an in-depth look at what an MMORPG is.