MySims: Sims for the Wii

Posted on March 25, 2007

MySims still

There is some buzz about MySims, the upcoming version of the Sims series for the Wii. 1Up compares the game to Animal Crossings. The characters in MySims do have an adorable childlike quality. It appears from the screenshots and first videos to ooze cuteness.

1Up also gives the came credit for originality. 1Up says, " seems to embrace the entirety of the "life simulator" genre, with nods to Harvest Moon (players are tasked with bringing new vigor to a run-down town) and even its own heritage -- running errands to build relationships with NPCs (a la The Urbz) and rebuilding the town (kind of like that one game, SimCity).

MySims will be released on September 1st, 2007. The game trailer below also provides a look at the upcoming Electronic Arts title. A version of The Sims seems like a logical move for the Wii which is already home to Miis. Miis should not go without some healthy competition. Take a look:

Image: Electronic Arts

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