MTV's Virtual Laguna Beach

Posted on November 13, 2006

Virtual Laguna Beach

Most of the coverage of persistent online worlds is focused on WoW or Second Life but MTV's September launch of Virtual Laguna Beach was noteworthy. MTV turned the reality-tv idea into a virtual world as the New York Times reported two months ago when Virtual Laguna Beach debuted.

MTV Networks President Van Toffler told the New York Times, "You can not only watch TV, but now you can actually live it."

The Times article says MTV is also planning two other virtual worlds. VLB is a partnership between MTV and The site includes features like avatars, chat, shopping, games, videos and event parties. There is no charge to register. The site has included tie-ins with the Laguna Beach reality-tv show.

Wikipedia has a list of some of the guests that have made appearances in VLB. Terra Nova also has a post with some interesting thoughts about VLB. If MTV's idea catches on we may see many virtual worlds pop-up to live side-by-side with their tv show counterparts.

Image: MTV

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