Making a Minecraft Book, Bookshelves and Enchanting Items

You can use books to make bookshelves and enchantment tables in Minecraft. You will need an enchantment table in order to make an enchanted book. A bookshelf is made with wood planks and books. Here is a quick video guide that shows you how to create books and then bookshelves. Six wooden planks and three books are needed as ingredients. Take a look:

The Minecraft Wiki entry for bookshelf also says you can buy a bookshelf from a librarian village and find them in village libraries and strongholds.

Ecnhanting Books and Other Objects

An enchanted book is a useful item in Minecraft because the enchantment can be passed to other objects using an anvil. You can make your own enchantment table according to this guide. The materials include 1 book, 2 diamonds and 4 obsidian. The enchantment table can then be used to make enchanted armor, weapons and books.

Enchanting books is not a simple Minecraft task. The ingredients are 1 book and 3 lapis lazuli. You can not make lapis lazuli. It has to be found. You can mine it below ground, find it in an abandoned mineshaft or trade villagers for it according to the Minecraft Wiki entry.

Once you have an enchantment table and the lapis lazuli you can then make your enchanted book. This great video guide helps to simplify the task. It also provides some good ideas for what you can do with enchanted books and enchantments. Take a look: