iTech Fitness Opens 50th XRKade Location

Posted on June 18, 2008

Nintendo has focused on fitness with Wii Fit but this is for home use. A company named iTech Fitness Inc. is setting up arcades called XRKades that feature fitness gaming equipment. They recently announced the 50th XRKade location in North America with the Atlanta YMCA Association at the Northwest Cobb branch. They claim to be the largest exergaming club in the U.S.

Mike Hansen, President & CEO of iTech Fitness, said, "We have experienced a significant amount of growth over the last year which is a direct result of our 'Brand Xperience' business model, our knowledgeable team, and our strategic partnerships. We are on par to break the century mark in XRKades and plan to capitalize on this by releasing a mixture of new products and services that will enhance the overall brand experience for all users."

The company also recently announced expansion plans into the international markets by signing a partnership in South Korea for 26 locations over the next 4 years. The company also sells exergaming and interactive fitness products.
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