Games Based on Comics

Big Figure Trailer for Lego Marvel Super Heroes (July 20, 2013): Marvel has shared the big figure trailer for Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

Ubisoft and Marvel Announce Plans for Avengers Video Game (May 15, 2012): Ubisoft and Marvel Entertainment have joined forces to develop a video game based on the popular Avengers characters and other heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe.

Rhino Revealed in Amazing Spider-Man Video Game Trailer (February 25, 2012): Spider-Man battles the Rhino in this

Telltale Games and Robert Kirkman Unveil Walking Dead Game (February 16, 2012): Telltale Games is working on a video game based on The Walking Dead comic.

Teaser Trailer for New Spider-Man Video Game (December 8, 2011): Here is the teaser trailer for the new Spider-Man video game.

Gamers Don Hats at New York Comic-Con for New Professor Layton Game (October 14, 2011): Professor Layton fan Jason C.

Wield a Virtual Mjolnir in Thor: God of Thunder (May 13, 2011): Director Kenneth Branagh did a terrific job with the film version of Thor.

Batman Arkham City Teaser Trailer (August 7, 2010): Warner Bros.

Create a Superhero With Online Hero Machine (August 1, 2006): The Sci Fi Channel has created a Hero Machine to promote their upcoming TV series, Who Wants To Be A Superhero?.

Bad Reviews Could Prevent X-Men 3 Game From Sharing in Film's Success (May 30, 2006): X-Men: The Last Stand made box office history (including $44 million in one day) but what about the video game? The video game actually launched before the movie and it could have benefited from the buzz created by the blockbuster film.

2K Games to Publish Ghost Rider Game (May 15, 2006): MegaGames reports that 2K Games is publishing a Ghost Rider game based on the comic book series and the February 2007 movie starring Nicolas Cage (Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios).

Ride the Supernatural Hell Cycle in Ghost Rider (July 18, 2005): Majesco and Marvel Comics have joined forces to offer gamers the chance to drive the supernatural Hell Cycle in the Ghost Rider game.

Batman Begins Cast Featured in Game (March 8, 2005): Electronic Arts and Warner Bros.
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